Use Oddwings Escape Cheats for iOS Devices

Finnish mobile game developer Small Giant Games has revealed that their debut title Oddwings Escape Cheats will launch for iOS on 14 May.

Oddwings Escape is a free-to-play, physics-based flying game, where players explore beautiful islands in a mix of mission-based and endless runner levels. Introducing an innovative touch control system, boldly animated visuals and exquisite soundscape, Oddwings Escape also includes unique multiplayer features that allow players to compete with each other offline.

Oddwings Escape is our first (attempt to) combine features from different types of games to create something completely fresh and different,” said Small Giant Games CEO Timo Soininen. “Oddwings Escape (is) for mobile gamers (seeking) a more challenging skill-based experience, coupled with stunning visuals.”

About Small Giant Games
Small Giant Games is a mobile developer based in Helsinki and founded by former Sulake and Habbo Hotel core team members. The studio is focused on creating beautiful and deeply engaging character-driven multiplayer mobile games for advanced casual players. Their first game, Oddwings Escape, launches for iOS this May.

Small Giant Games is also backed by prominent investors including Creandum, PROfounders and Spintop Ventures.

Oddwings Escape is a brand new flying game for iOS (iPad & iPhone), in which you fly and explore beautiful islands to rescue the wacky Oddwings from captivity, and solve fun and challenging physics based flying puzzles.

The game takes flying to whole new heights with a heavy emphasis on fresh physics based controls, gorgeous painterly visuals, 6 different upgradeable Oddwings who all feel different, and a focus on playing with your friends wherever you go!


  • Unique physics based flying adventure
  • Discover secret paths and avoid tricky hazards
  • Multiplayer action! – Compete and fly with your friends even without constant internet connection
  • Bust your friends best scores to get extra rewards
  • Unlock all quirky Oddwings with different special powers, such as Speed Boost and Teleport
  • All new touch controls make flying super fun!
  • Free to play

Your mission is to fly as far as possible, collect coins and discover keys to release the Oddwings from the evil DR. Rooster’s lab.

While you explore beautiful worlds, maneuver your way through the mad doctor’s dangerous traps and obstacles: air bombs, poison gases and other exotic perils.

Each Oddwing you free has special powers, and you can upgrade their basic abilities as well to be able to fly faster, further and smarter. With your new unlocked characters there’s always something new to discover, even in already familiar places.

Play against other players: Upgrade your characters to fly better and further and crush the best scores of others to get extra rewards.

Archery Dealers

Do you have a hobby that you like to carry out out of doors or are you permanently glued to the seat in front of your computer? If you never get out, then that is a shame and you ought to take that common piece of advice and get out more often. Read more about Lighted Nocks.
And do what? – you may inquire. Yes, well that is up to you, is it not? But there are hundreds if not thousands of things that you can do outdoors and they are all better than sitting down in front of your PC no matter what you are doing with your computer.
I will admit that I spend too much time at my desk, although, in my defense, I will say that that is how I make my living. However, I do like to get outdoors sometimes too. I live in a country where foreigners, such as myself, are not allowed to own or carry anything that might be thought of as a weapon. This encompasses penknives as well.
When I venture out into the glorious countryside it is only to walk with my wife and look for animals – mostly snakes and birds.. However, I have had a lifetime interest in archery.
Something inside me wants to be able to hit a target from a long distance. I do not want to kill anything, but I am alright with people who do as long as it is for a decent reason.
It would be great to make a bow and the arrows to accompany it. I am Welsh and have always hankered after a Welsh longbow, although it requires a great deal of strength to pull a longbow. The minimum draw weight in medieval times used to be 160 lbs for a war bow, for hunting it was 100 lbs, but these days it is more like 60 lbs.
However, this is still quite heavy for contemporary man, who does not often pick up anything weightier than a pint of beer.
There are some great archery dealers, but if you do not live near one, you ought to go on line and either order from there or get a catalogue sent to you. Two good places to begin are ‘Footed Shaft’ and ‘Three Rivers’ archery suppliers.
Both of these firms will send you your chosen items through the post and they have any type of archery supplies that you could require. For example, they have finished goods such as bows and arrows, but they also sell nocks, feathers, arrow shafts and points so that you can make your own arrows.
Do you want to make your own bow too? No problem. You can either purchase a kit with all the bits and instructions or you can buy a book or DVD and buy the parts yourself.
These and other on line archery supplies dealers provide good value for money and have very comprehensive stocks of archery products. Their catalogues and web sites are easy to browse and use as well.

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Bingo Blitz – Free Download – Unlimited Coins And Credits

Bingo Blitz is currently among the most downloaded of all the mobile games and it is quite easy to understand why since the game is so entertaining, making you basically play for hours, without even wanting to have a break. As with most games that are really entertaining, the use of a free Bingo Blitz cheats can only make the entire experience a whole lot better. Thanks to what we offer below, this is exactly what you are surely going to get.
The Bingo Blitz hack is 100% free and you will not have any problems in using it since the easiness of use that we managed to achieve is definitely great. This software is a part of our latest technology filled hack packages. We basically managed to create a really useful hack generator that works for any person that wants to play Bingo Blitz and enjoy the wonderful features that are highlighted.
Hack Features Offered By The Bingo Blitz Hack:
Add unlimited free coins
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Automatic game detection wizard
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How to use the Bingo Blitz Hack Software:
Click the download button
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Everything is as simple as that. As you can easily notice, in just 5 minutes you can actually get unlimited free credits and coins for Bingo Blitz. However, we are quite sure that you will love those extra powerups even more. Those are the ones that make the game a lot simpler and the main reason why we actually created this hack tool. We are running daily updates to our software. Whenever it is needed, you can easily get in touch with us and we will do our best to add extra features you may want.

Currency Trend Following – Cope With Standard Deviation and Enjoy Huge Gains

If you are interested in currency trend following then you need to understand and cope with standard deviation of price – if you don’t you will lose and it’s a significant and underestimated area to study for currency trading success…
Lets look at currency trend following and how standard deviation can help you spot trends and hold them and get bigger profits from your forex trading. Standard Deviation simply measures volatility statistically and shows the difference of the values from the average one and is calculated by taking the square root of the variance, the average of the squared deviations from the mean.
In simple terms:
The volatility as well as the standard deviation –, of the market studied gets higher if the closing prices and average closing prices differ considerably. If the difference is small the standard deviation and the volatility of the market is low.
Humans make the price of any market and they will push prices below or above the average, when the emotions of greed and fear come into play. This never changes because human psychology never changes – humans always push prices to far up or down and always will. These price spikes tend to be temporary and prices eventually fall back to fair value or the average.
You can spot price spikes on any forex chart and the big spikes simply don’t last long they return to fair value – Understand this and you will have a head start on your quest for profits with your forex trading strategy.
Keep these points in mind:
1. The reversals of trends are accompanied by high volatility levels as prices blow off.
2. A chart breakout after low volatility that sees high volatility unfold can indicate anew big trend is underway.
3. High volatility within any trend in motion, is common and traders can take profits on these spikes and add to new positions on dips to the average.
A good tool to use in relation to volatility is the Bollinger Band which has two outer bands (the standard deviation) and the middle band which represents the average or mean price.  The Bollinger band is an excellent tool for spotting new trends, spotting reversals and getting in on existing trends, when the risk / reward is at its best.
When following currency trends many traders can pick the currency direction correctly – but lose because they have their stops in the wrong place or hold trends for to long.  The Bollinger band can help with all of these problems and help you enhance your profit potential.
One of the keys to successful trend following is balancing the risk reward and if you use Bollinger bands in conjunction with momentum indicators and support and resistance, you will time your trading signals with greater accuracy, stay with trends longer and see turning points better.
When currency trend following, if you want to win and catch and hold the big trends you need to understand volatility and standard deviation of price – if you don’t, you will probably lose, so make it an essential part of your forex trading education.