Crossy Road game tips and tricks

Crossy roads’ is one of very few games that has managed to achieve the near impossible goal of attempting to pay homage to classics like the highly popular Flappy Bird’ even while creating a distinct image capable of entertaining and engaging independently.

Crossy roads’ is a lot like frogger; yet it manages to stand on its own, offering an experience that is far richer and more entertainment than would be expected.

The primary purpose of this game is simple; to cross numerous roads even while attempting to collect as many coins as possible along the way. The exact nature of the paths that must be crossed will vary drastically, ranging from train tacks to rivers and even grass.

And the related challenges that must be overcome will depend upon the crossing in question, with players expected to avoid trains, trucks and even falling into the water, lest they face death, in which case one is returned to the beginning where they can start the adventure all over again or select a new character.

Crossy roads provides a catalog of up to 53 different mascots, which can be selected and manipulated by tapping or swiping the screen; vigilance is important because of the numerous obstacles that will be encountered at each crossing such as boulders and trees.

The goal is to keep moving; take too long to make up your mind about your next direction and you will meet your end at the claws of an eagle swooping down from the sky.

Crossy Road is a highly rewarding iOS game for both children and adults to indulge in; with a perfect design, the game revels in its simplicity, the scoring system designed to present one’s success without the use of complex points and multiplier variables.

The video sharing feature allows players to boast of their more impressive accomplishments, with the game scores of one’s friends emerging within the game and often scattered across the road.

The smallest additions such as the feedback resulting when you tap your screen allow Crossy Roads’ to achieve a surprising amount of charm. The mechanics of the game, such as the cheering/jeering in reaction to your victory/failure will keep you glued to your screen, always determined to give each new and difficult challenge just one more attempt.

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